“Because I long with all of my heart to be a door holder for others to come to know Jesus.”

There are three basic things to me. First of all, I am married to a wonderful man named DJ. That is right, his name is DJ Bunney. He has an amazing personality and charming good looks. After Jesus gave him that name I guess He took mercy on him! Second, I have two beautiful daughters, Brookelynn and Lillian. They are our gifts from God. With two girls every day is full of adventure and all things big! I am certainly far from a perfect wife or mother but through my journey of Whispers of Mercy, Jesus has taught me how to take great delight in the gifts He places in my life. That leads me to the third and most important thing about me, I love Jesus because He first loved me. I did not find Jesus on purpose. Actually, it seemed like I was running away when I ended up running straight into His loving arms. Oh how grateful I am and how my life has changed. Jesus pours so much into me every day. My heart rejoices and I long to pour out some of what He has given me. However, I want you to know that if you are reading this about me page right now that this is not about me. It is all about Jesus and your journey with Him.

Why did I join the Whispers of Mercy journey?

“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” – Psalms 84:10

Because I long with all of my heart to be a door holder for others to come to know Jesus. I learned of this idea from a church that has been a huge piece of me finding Jesus, Passion City Church.  They call their volunteers door holders, and define door holders on their website as “people who’ve been on the inside and experienced Jesus and are willing to open the door for others to be welcomed in.” I pray that Whispers of Mercy, will open the door for you to enter into Jesus’ presence. To begin a real, daily walk with Jesus and true relationship with Him. That is what Whispers of Mercy was for me. Back in 2015 when Holly asked me to read and do her journal, Whispers of Mercy, I had no idea the adventure I was about to embark upon. My life has been shaken upside down in a way that I could never have imagined, and it is now so much more full of Jesus’ presence than I ever knew was possible. Truly, every day is an adventure when you walk with Jesus. He has brought rest to this weary soul that I never believed was possible. Jesus is standing, longing, calling you by name. Will you come?

Father, You are God, there is no other. You are life. You are breath. You are all things good, and all things good come from You. Father, I pray for those that are reading these words. I pray that you would open their hearts, that they would know that You are the Good Shepherd, and that they are Your sheep. I pray that You would quiet the world around them so that they can come to hear Your soft Whisper. Father, lead them to You, for You are the only way to peace and rest. Let their hearts hunger and thirst for You in a new way. I love You, Father! I pray in faith and in Jesus’ name. Amen!